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and now, famous "learn a Czech word with poni"

today, it's pavlač

lower-end tenements of the Eastern Europe never had internal corridors and staircases, they had them hanging into the alley or inner courtyard on consoles with all flats accessible through them (and often with toilets being there shared for the entire floor). houses of the richer people would have normal staircases and corridors, but nowadays, unless you really hate your neighbors, it's actually not that bad. in fact, while there is a shitton of houses like that, i had a problem finding one without people to take a picture of it

"Free Tibet" guy probably...

Man says swastika lawn display is 'Tibetan symbol', neighbors complain - Story | KTVU

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“As soon as we clock in, we’re pushing our bodies and minds to the limit on these machines, feeling like robots a lot of the time getting the stuff out.”

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"I had a conversation with a former Hollywood personal assistant once and she told me that there were only two nice men in Hollywood: Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves."


"Jedno kapičíno prosím.."

To ten den pěkně začíná.

Govorit Moskva...

Company pays female staff to wear skirts

A Russian aluminium manufacturer is paying female employees cash bonuses to wear skirts or dresses to work.


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Dlouho mě žádný televizní dílo nedostalo tak jako seriál @HBO_CZSK@twitter.com Černobyl. Tak jsem se poptal, jestli to má podobně i osoba u nás nejpovolanejší. irozhl.as/5Wu

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