Hello @ihabunek , can you take a quick loot at github.com/ihabunek/toot/pull/ . I would like to fix anything you see it's not cool in there, but without this patch it's not productive to use toot for me (it's a pain to see threads and reply on posts)

Side-note: If you have any long term plans, can you share it somehow (like in a markdown file in the repo). I would be happy to work on it because this project seems something I really want to use on daily basis.

@efertone Thanks, I'll have a look when I catch a little free time.

Frankly, the timeline view is pretty bad. I was hoping to totally replace it with 'toot curses', so I haven't worked on it much. But it turns out I'm pretty bad (and slow) at making console UIs using ncurses. :)

Apart from the cureses app, I had an idea to make a switch which would make all comands return JSON, so they could be used from scripts more easily.

I should really add a roadmap file to the repo.

@ihabunek Thanks ;)

ahahah, one of the main Pro reason was it has a simple non-gui interface (like timeline or post commands) [and it's python]


@efertone There are some obvious improvements to timeline possible, e.g. detect screen width and adjust output, maybe add "more"-like functionality - i.e. press any key to fetch next n toots.

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