Does anyone know of a moderately priced GPS unit which is more precise and less flaky than the one in my mobile phone? Perhaps something with bluetooth?

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@ihabunek I bought an ESP32 dev board and a GY-GPS6MV2 module a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had the time to hook them up. Some ESP32 boards have LiPo connectors for battery power, so it can be a portable solution. Total cost: about $12.

@fn sonds cool. Any idea if that would be better than what's built into mobile phones these days?

@ihabunek i don't know. it has support for an external antenna, but phones have support for other services (GNSS, GLONASS) and can use A-GPS. I'll have to put it together and drive around to find out.

@ihabunek I have a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx GPS. Amazingly good at getting a fix, will track location all day on two AA batteries, waterproof and rugged. I put OSM maps on it when I went to Costa Rica. Garmin still make some rugged GPS units:

@mathew thanks. I own an older Garmin Oregon model which had the same problems as my mobile phone, which is a lot of variance when recording tracks.

Any idea what to look out for spec-wise if hunting for a new GPS?

@ihabunek Look for GLONASS as well as GPS support, maybe even Galileo, so it can leverage all three systems. Also, look for WAAS support, which can get you down to about 1m accuracy.

Your Garmin ought to be able to do pretty well, maybe check WAAS is enabled and Ultratrac battery saver is turned off?

@mathew Unfortunately, WAAS only works in North America and I'm in Europe. But thanks for the tip. I'll see what's available here.

@mathew Just read up on it and now looking for compatible devices. There is a raspberry pi board for €40. 😀

I use a Wintec WBT-202 and am quite satisfied with it. Not sure what quality your built-in GPS has and what a moderate price is for you. I think mine cost around 100€ some years ago and guess you could get a used one rather cheap.

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