@wolf480pl I still need to find the videos through the website.

@ihabunek oh, like VODs?
I wonder if there's a generic twitch.tv/$account/something link that youtube-dl can turn into a playlist or sth...

@tdemin @ihabunek
Yeah, but how do you get the direct URL without going to the website?

That's what we're trying to figure out here.

For example, if running
`mpv twitch.tv/$user/videos`
would get a playlist of all vidoes, that'd do the trick.

@wolf480pl @tdemin I actually made a thing that can list (and download) vods: github.com/ihabunek/twitch-dl/

But when browsing for videos, a web interface can be nicer because you can see the thumbnails.

@wolf480pl @tdemin LOL just noticed a bug where the commend which lists the videos outputs the wrong link. `twitch.tv/<id>` instead of `twitch.tv/videos/<id>`

@tdemin They changed the website design recently. Maybe it hasn't been rolled out for you yet. I know some people got it before I did.

@ihabunek@mastodon.social btw what's the point in mentioning a random user from mastosoc? they don't look like a twitch.tv representative

@tdemin Yeah, my bad. I'm using a thing which mirrors my tweets, i thought it would handle this in some way. I was wrong.

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