Please don't do this:

* foo
* bar
* baz
[click to show one more]

where the "show more" link is larger than the hidden elements.

I've seen this in many places and it's silly.

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reminds me of some arabic scripts'

1. hmm, it's too long, let's chop off the last character
2. oh, it's even longer, goto 1

@wolf480pl Not familiar with arabic script. How does that work?

@ihabunek ligatures or something. Not sure either, but I know this could crash the default SMS app on... I think iPhone, but could've been Android

@wolf480pl This reminds me. I remember sending a specially crafted SMS message to old Siemens phones which would freeze the OS when received. Reboot did not help. You had to take out the sim card and move it to another phone to delete the message. Messages and contacts were still stored on the sim card back then. It provided fun to many at college.

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