PSA: Today Bandcamp is waiving their cut and all proceedings go directly to the authors. You should definitely go give your favourite artists some money today. They certainly don't earn much from Spotify and the likes.

Here's some music I'll be buying this month.

Master Boot Record create synth metal combined with various beeps, modem noises and floppy disk sounds. Their website at has CTF-style puzzles where you can win more music.

Igorrr is bit hard to describe. A weird mix of classical music and vocals with heavy metal, french accordions and noise. Glitchy and awesome. A friend recommended them recently and I've been having a blast.

Chris Christodoulou makes music for games. Most famously for Risk of Rain and the sequel. Very nice working music. Relaxing yet pretty epic at the same time. His catalogue is 85% off if you use the code "ukulele". That's just over €5 for all his music.

@ihabunek Check out his work on the deadbolt sound track too when you get the chance. Chris is a fantastic artist.

@Cubed I was just listening to that one today. Great stuff.

@ihabunek Igorrr is blazing through SubGenius circles as well. Here’s where I started, and there’s no wrong direction after that as long as it’s “more Igorrr.”

Igorrr - Very Noise

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