The cat has developed a habit of dipping the curtains into her water bowl until they soak through and then drinking the water through the curtain. I don't know what to think about this.

@ihabunek using the curtain as a filter, or as a straw?

@ihabunek also, what stuff could be on the curtain that the cat would want to dissolve in the water?
- did someone smoke in this room?
- did someone cook in this room?
- does the curtain smell like something?
- does the dye of the curtain contain calcium?

@wolf480pl Frankly I have no idea, curtains were washed a couple of weeks ago. No smoking, yes cooking. This is a new development and she's been with us for years.

@ihabunek maybe the stuff you washed the curtains with is tasty to the cat... dunno...

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