The cat has developed a habit of dipping the curtains into her water bowl until they soak through and then drinking the water through the curtain. I don't know what to think about this.

I should replay the Little Big Adventure games. I remember enjoying them greatly once upon a time. Wonder how well they've aged.

Nostalgia inducing thread exploring Duke Nukem design and engine quirks.
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Did you ever notice that the theater in level 1 of Duke Nukem 3D has a big hallway off the lobby, and when you go through there, it's a bathroom? Just the one.

It's a doorless unisex public bathroom with urinals. Weird.

Profi namakanje bakalara.
RT @gogePN
@Jakov @zdeslav_v Javljaj kako ide, ovaj će se večeras kupat u slow cookeru.

Recently discovered these Chinese crispy fried chillies with soy beans. It's pretty good stuff. Just hot enough for my taste. I like the fact that it's not salty like many sambals and similar products.

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