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Imam par gramofona koje vjerojatno više neću koristiti. Starija Yamaha P-220 I noviji Ion TTUSB10 s USB priključkom. Dajem ih u dobar dom ako bi nekog usrećili.

Work time is over. Play time is now. This is not a request.

Wise of @Pinboard not to specify the year. Could it be this one? Noone knows.

Maybe I should give the Terraria devs some more money. Steam says I played the game for 305 hours (!?) and I believe I got it on a sale for $5. Probably the best value I got out of a game ever.
Terraria: Journey's End will launch on PC May 16, 2020!

Hey & What's this all about? I want to buy the albums, but I don't want to use Paypal, because fuck Paypal.

Hah Blaster. I remember panicked posts to newsgroups asking for a solution. In very short messages, one every couple of minutes. :D After booting, you had 30s to reboot and connecting to the internet via dialup modem takes a while.
Wasn't there a worm back in the day that caused this?
How could running ancient operating systems fail me?

I'm bored so let's do one of these. Here are 4 games which defined me as a gamer:

* Monkey Island 2 - the adventure
* Star Control 2 - the space romp
* Planescape: Torment - the "reading simulator"
* X-Com: UFO defense - the strategy
4 games that defined me, in chronological order:

Sokoban - IIRC, the first game I ever played
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans - reason I became a PC gamer

Kemo city, a nice place to visit.

I remember finding all the level passwords in this game in plaintext within the exe file.

GF made buckwheat + wallnut sourdough bread. The worst part is waiting for it to cool down. /cc

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