@efertone There are some obvious improvements to timeline possible, e.g. detect screen width and adjust output, maybe add "more"-like functionality - i.e. press any key to fetch next n toots.

@efertone Thanks, I'll have a look when I catch a little free time.

Frankly, the timeline view is pretty bad. I was hoping to totally replace it with 'toot curses', so I haven't worked on it much. But it turns out I'm pretty bad (and slow) at making console UIs using ncurses. :)

Apart from the cureses app, I had an idea to make a switch which would make all comands return JSON, so they could be used from scripts more easily.

I should really add a roadmap file to the repo.

Happiness is finding good vocabulary for something you couldn't previously frame well. (In both prose and programming.)

@wezm It's incredibly hard to find drm-free ebooks for sale. I tried some of the authors I've been reading recently and none could be found on the suggested web sites. :(

Local book shops are a nice option, but they only sell dead tree books.

@wiktor From a contributors point of view, it works really well. Once Git is configured for the project, formatting and sending patches is very simple.

I did have to set up mutt so I could send email in the required format - text-only and wrapped to 74 chars.

I have still not tired out the other side, reviewing and merging patches.

The server side needs work, I know a lot is planned, like better integration of lists with git and builds. A good interface could relieve some pain points.

@wiktor I think it's only temporary, it worked a couple of days ago when I checked. Also, only the about page is throwing the error, accounts are ok , e.g.: cmpwn.com/@sir

Woohoo. Brasil and Zero Theorem on the telly tonight. I know what I'm doing. Just add beer.

@Gargron Hi! I can't seem to follow accounts from mastodon instance at cmpwn.com. I can find the account on search, e.g. sir@cmpwn.com, but clicking the follow results in "404 Not Found" popping up. Could you please help out?

@hirojin I'll be at fosdem in February, in case you're coming. Found out that the venue is 15 minute walk from my sister's flat.

For the weekend at least, doing advent of code in Elixir and Clojure. Not sure I'll have the will and time to keep it up when the tasks get more complicated.


David Tennant looks really cool in this adaptation of Good Omens.

The book was fantastic, looking forward to the series.

@noorul Could you open an issue on Github with steps to reproduce, please? I'm busy this coming week but will look into it soon.

@noorul Thanks! Nice to know people are finding it useful. I accept payment in stars on github. :D

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