Recently discovered these Chinese crispy fried chillies with soy beans. It's pretty good stuff. Just hot enough for my taste. I like the fact that it's not salty like many sambals and similar products.

Getting the Thanksgiving meal prepped for PHP 8.0.0 release day.

@kelbot Go is really good for CLI tools. Cross compile is a killer feature.

@feoh He's mellowed with age, he will no longer incinerate you if you code in Go.

@FiXato To be fair, I rarely make a pie in the American sense of the word. I'm more used to making crumble which doesn't have the problem of having to break through firm pastry.

@FiXato I usually go for a regular spoon. Forks are a bother with crumbly pastry and tea spoon is too small.

Full inventory of >$10 cards

Planning to sell them on eBay, but if anyone on fedi wants to make a claim, let me know

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I love Bandcamp because I keep coming across cool bands like this one from Rome. I never knew I needed synth metal in my life. And their album and song names induce nostalgia.

@sir I wanted to use it for communal discussion between residents in my building. But then remembered I'd have to explain how to send plaintext email to everybody and their grandma and gave up. :-/

re: Pinetab 

@kemonine The CLI is fine. The TUI needs work.

re: Pinetab 

@FiXato @kemonine @kelbot Lack of inspiration might be more precise. Ideas and patches welcome.

@sir Is this a standalone story? Good entry point for SCP?

@sir That's the first novel of a trilogy so the story continues. He's good. I like his hard-sf opera style.

30 years ago today, Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau published their formal proposal for the World Wide Web.

This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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