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twitch-dl 1.4.0

twitch-dl is a video downloader for

This release fixes usage of deprecated APIs and issues with downloading videos with muted portions.

New album by Clipping sounds like just what the doctor ordered. And the first track is a horror story musically inspired by Carpenter's film scores.

In a pinch, salted anchovies are a decent substitute for fish sauce when cooking thai.

Does anyone know of a moderately priced GPS unit which is more precise and less flaky than the one in my mobile phone? Perhaps something with bluetooth?

toot 0.22.0

It's been a while, so taking the free time I have while on holiday to push some new features.

Big thanks to @dlax and @skehmatics for their contributions.

New project: annotatepy
Python source annotations for
Still in early days but functional, albeit a bit slow.

Can it be true? Did @sir finally get unblocked by :)

Started work on creating Python annotations for and I have the first tangible results:


Next step: set up annotatepy as a project.

twitch-dl 1.2.0
A script for downloading videos from twitch.
New in this version is the option to specify the output format.

Wow, the new Raspberry Pi has some serious muscle. I have no idea how they're able to keep the prices so low.

Now to wait half a year for Croatian shops to get some in stock.

WebCamp Zagreb talks and workshops are published. Nice lineup this year, even if I do say so myself as one of the organizers. :)

@aral Hey Aral, I'm a follower and fan of your work.

Would you be interested in submitting a talk or two to WebCamp Zagreb? We're non-profit and organized fully by volunteers. Conference is on October 11th & 12th in Zagreb, Croatia.

Speaker package includes accommodation and travel compensation plus some extra perks. The CFP is open until Friday. All info here:

The Call for Papers for WebCamp Zagreb 2019 is open!

Come visit Zagreb in October, and join the best volunteer-run community #conference in town.

Boosts, as well as talk proposals, are more than welcome!

Sister Rosetta Tharpe played a mean guitar back in '38. Inspired Chuck Berry and many others, I learned of her through Hugh Laurie's excellent blues covers (Didn't it rain).

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