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Well looks like this might be it for my car. We've had it for over 17 years, first my mum then me, and it has served us well. But the quoted repair price is €2000+. :-\

On the bright side, did close to 30km today on bike.

Gauging interest in early access to the drafts. Would you, dear reader, buy in on this?

Don't know what Lumens are and have no desire to find out, not for $20 for sure.

I do have a sudden desire to stop using keybase for anything.

Screenshot from the git installer for windows.

What the fuck, ?

Github stars. The bread and butter of open source programmers. Rain it down sisters and brothers. 🌠🌠🌠

Source, although it's currently rate limited:

Jojo the rabbit looks ... interesting. Right now I'm willing to watch anything by Taika Waititi.

Finally decided to draw the line and v0.23.0.

The TUI has been rewritten from scratch using , and it's feeling much nicer to use, as well as being more feature rich.

Check out the demo:

It's taken the better part of two months to ge there. Thanks to everyone who helped! \o/

twitch-dl 1.4.0

twitch-dl is a video downloader for

This release fixes usage of deprecated APIs and issues with downloading videos with muted portions.

New album by Clipping sounds like just what the doctor ordered. And the first track is a horror story musically inspired by Carpenter's film scores.

In a pinch, salted anchovies are a decent substitute for fish sauce when cooking thai.

Does anyone know of a moderately priced GPS unit which is more precise and less flaky than the one in my mobile phone? Perhaps something with bluetooth?

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