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Take action to save .org and prosecute those who sold out the internet

the fact that we share a significant portion of DNA with other living things (including vegetables) is proof that whoever built us just imports npm packages willy-nilly

Videos from Webcamp Zagreb are up.

I love organising this conference. There were many cool talks. But I also hate organising it because it shatters my nerves and takes a metric shit-ton of work to accomplish.

The Far Side website is promising "A new online era" for the comic. I grew up reading the far side and it still resonates with me, so looking forward to that.

Well they call me William the Pleaser
I sold opium, fireworks, and lead
Now I'm telling my troubles to strangers
When the shadows get long I'll be dead

this software is free (as in trash) and provided as-is (as trash)

Today I got an offer for car insurance with the description "unlife insurance" (hr. "osiguranje neživota"). Which is perfectly fine because I am a lich.

"In this paper, we aim to answer a long-standing open problem in the programming languages community: is it possible to smear paint on the wall without creating valid Perl?"

Found a great tool for searching OpenStreetMap data. Here's all bus routes around Zagreb:

If someone were interested in adding livestreaming support to PeerTube, feel free to reach out to me for mentorship on the technical aspects of livestreaming video

I cannot comprehend a world where standards like ISO8601 and PDF417 are behind a paywall.

@cancel Having issues with running ripcord appimage on debian 10. It opens then closes after ~1s. Here's the output, any ideas?

Well looks like this might be it for my car. We've had it for over 17 years, first my mum then me, and it has served us well. But the quoted repair price is €2000+. :-\

On the bright side, did close to 30km today on bike.

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