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In retrospect, re-reading this particular Discworld novel might have been a mistake.

History is merely a list of surprises. … It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again. KURT VONNEGUT

I just learned about all the nice styles out there. PTStops is brilliant for mapping bus routes. Pics show the map with and without the style applied. How did I ever live without this?

Felt nostalgic and decided to spin up MDK, a game i spent too much time playing as a kid. According to the built-in performance test, my machine should be fast enough.

GNU Terry Pratchett

5 years to the day

Enjoying this album. The mixture of blues, chants and metal is quite something.

Pošto sam postao naslovno lice IT kviza, pozivam sve zainteresirane da dođu okušati znanje.

Darkest Dungeon has some of the best writing and voice acting out there. This is one of my favourite bits:

Alternatively: is anyone here familiar with and enjoys working on Grafana? The SourceHut prometheus instance is publically available, feel free to point at it and see if you can make some cool dashboards.

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Was reminded of this website today so thought I'd share with the uninitiated.

I enjoy Tom Lehrer's comedy, a lot of it resonates well today even though it's parodying events from the 60s. Here's one of my favourite songs.

The mid-word rhymes crack me up every time. :)

Working on talks which could be categorized under general literacy for tech people. The first one will be about contributing to Open Street Maps. Any local meetups interested in hosting this sort of content?

Throwing around ideas for the title of a talk on lisp and clojure:

* embrace the braces
* listen to your parens
* functional cons-tructs
* stay awhile and lispen
* juxt a moment

Tomorrow’s date will be written as an eight-digit palindrome around the world, the first time this has happened in 900 years.

The coincidence is rare because countries use differing conventions. February 2, 2020, is a palindrome whether expressed as day/month/year (02/02/2020), month/day/year (02/02/2020), or year/month/day (2020/02/02).

This happened last on November 11, 1111, and it won’t happen again until March 3, 3030.


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