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John Conway, mathematician and creator of Conway's game of life, died from covid 💔

📣 Telephant, a Mastodon client for the desktop is looking for packagers!

Know how to package for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Void or other distros? Or maybe you are familiar with AppImage, Snap or Flatpak?

We're still looking for packagers to help supporting Telephant on more platforms!

Don't hesitate to say hello if you'd like to help out! ❤️

Hey & What's this all about? I want to buy the albums, but I don't want to use Paypal, because fuck Paypal.

Hah Blaster. I remember panicked posts to newsgroups asking for a solution. In very short messages, one every couple of minutes. :D After booting, you had 30s to reboot and connecting to the internet via dialup modem takes a while.
Wasn't there a worm back in the day that caused this?
How could running ancient operating systems fail me?

Moved to new server and domain, took the opportunity to do some spring cleaning:

* Removed most JS (except highcharts)
* Removed webpack
* Replaced Zurb Foundation with custom CSS grid styles

Frontpage size went from 500kb to 15kb. \o/

LEWISHAM n. Brief moment of panic between realising your car keys aren't in your pocket and remembering that's because you're driving.

I'm bored so let's do one of these. Here are 4 games which defined me as a gamer:

* Monkey Island 2 - the adventure
* Star Control 2 - the space romp
* Planescape: Torment - the "reading simulator"
* X-Com: UFO defense - the strategy
4 games that defined me, in chronological order:

Sokoban - IIRC, the first game I ever played
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans - reason I became a PC gamer

Kemo city, a nice place to visit.

I remember finding all the level passwords in this game in plaintext within the exe file.

This is among the most important media files I have saved on my computer.

Ovako zamišljam naše pivare ovih dana.

Koliko sam blizu,

GF made buckwheat + wallnut sourdough bread. The worst part is waiting for it to cool down. /cc

Serbian national theater orchestra playing O Bella Ciao in support of fighters against the coronavirus. <3

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