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Got a couple of Moon Duo albums. They're pretty great. Is it me or does Portland have a lot of talented musicians?

The Satanic Temple just announced a Satanic Ritual Abortion, placing the medical procedure under the protections of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act! 👏 announcement.thesatanictemple.

PSA: If you're looking to buy some music, today might be a good day to do so.

This _extremely_ unopinionated code formatter is blazing fast, works on all programming languages, as well as plain text files and other markup. And it is implemented in a one-line shell script:

alias unopinionated-format=cat

Puštaju snimku intervjua s Oliverom Dragojevićem na HRT2. Voditelj: "Vi ste vrlo skromna osoba. Jeste li si ikad priznali da ste naš najbolji pjevač?"

Google removing useful features and services is an old meme at this point.
RT @Lord_Mandalore
Saw the news about community captions going away in September. It'll make the process more of a pain in the ass but the captions will continue and my regular translation circle will stay. I don't trust the integrated services over the people I already back and forth with.

Two weeks ago: Let's add copy/paste capability to TUI. That would be useful.

Today: Do we really _need_ copy/pasting? We got by fine until now.

Inspired by Andromeda, the astronomy radio show, I set up our small telescope. Saw Saturn, Jupiter w/ assorted moons, Neowise (just barely, quite faint). Then spent 15 minutes spying on a very large yacht anchored in the bay.

The best thing about wearing masks is not having to cover your mouth when yawning.

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