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Elixir LSP plugin for Sublime Text already updated.
RT @bostonvaulter
I'm pleased to announce that ElixirLS version 0.5.0 was released today! 🚀
The biggest improvement is an ecto plugin by @MarlusSaraiva. Big thanks to all of the collaborators!

if any of this comes true so i’m gonna say i called it

Most pills which help with the headache aggrivate acid reflux. The stuff I'm taking for acid reflux decreases the efficiency of most pills. Fun.

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Quit coffee suddenly because of a bad acid reflux attack, after being used to drinking 5 per day. This results in a week of headaches. Would not recommend.

Designers: It's very important to carefully choose a color scheme for your website.

The story behind the wonky flute intro to Nick Cave's Breathless. And some of the lyrics to the Lyre of Orpheus. Lovely.

Looking for a Job / Contract again :boost_ok:​ 

Hey folks, it's that time again!

i'm looking for a job / contract as #DevOps… engineer.
my CV is on my website:

my main skills can be summarized as #infrastructure and #OpenSource (and security)

i'd be very happy to hear about any leads!

A public meeting will be held with any interested sourcehut users this Friday to discuss priorities for completing the alpha and getting the beta rolling. Details on

Got a couple of Moon Duo albums. They're pretty great. Is it me or does Portland have a lot of talented musicians?

The Satanic Temple just announced a Satanic Ritual Abortion, placing the medical procedure under the protections of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act! 👏 announcement.thesatanictemple.

PSA: If you're looking to buy some music, today might be a good day to do so.

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