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Disco Elysium is an awesome RPG. Worldbuilding on par with Planescape Torment but with a much better skill system. Releasing such a big update for free is very nice of the developers.
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@h_colby_writes Hey there, The Final Cut will be available at no extra cost to all current owners of Disco Elysium. Original players expand their experience for free while new players can enjoy the new content from their first playthroug…

If I'm reading this trailer correctly, creators of John Wick decided that John Wick is the dog's bollocks and decided to make another one, but with Bob Odenkirk.

Nick Cave on censhorship 

"The changing of the word ‘faggot’ for the nonsense word ‘haggard’ destroys the song by deflating it right at its essential and most reckless moment, stripping it of its value. It becomes a song that has been tampered with, compromised, tamed, and neutered and can no longer be called a great song. It is a song that has lost its truth, its honour and integrity — a song that has knelt down and allowed the BBC to do its grim and sticky business."

After the binary language of moisture vaporators, what's the favorite programming language on Tatooine?


Chris Christodoulou makes music for games. Most famously for Risk of Rain and the sequel. Very nice working music. Relaxing yet pretty epic at the same time. His catalogue is 85% off if you use the code "ukulele". That's just over €5 for all his music.

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Igorrr is bit hard to describe. A weird mix of classical music and vocals with heavy metal, french accordions and noise. Glitchy and awesome. A friend recommended them recently and I've been having a blast.

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Here's some music I'll be buying this month.

Master Boot Record create synth metal combined with various beeps, modem noises and floppy disk sounds. Their website at has CTF-style puzzles where you can win more music.

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PSA: Today Bandcamp is waiving their cut and all proceedings go directly to the authors. You should definitely go give your favourite artists some money today. They certainly don't earn much from Spotify and the likes.

Recently discovered these Chinese crispy fried chillies with soy beans. It's pretty good stuff. Just hot enough for my taste. I like the fact that it's not salty like many sambals and similar products.

Getting the Thanksgiving meal prepped for PHP 8.0.0 release day.

Full inventory of >$10 cards

Planning to sell them on eBay, but if anyone on fedi wants to make a claim, let me know

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I love Bandcamp because I keep coming across cool bands like this one from Rome. I never knew I needed synth metal in my life. And their album and song names induce nostalgia.

30 years ago today, Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau published their formal proposal for the World Wide Web.

This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Please don't do this:

* foo
* bar
* baz
[click to show one more]

where the "show more" link is larger than the hidden elements.

I've seen this in many places and it's silly.

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