Hi guys, does anyone on here know and could help me with something? My name is Staci and I need to translate it into katakana, which of these is more correct:

the internet and my professor are giving me conflicting answers.

@ihatecrayons I’m not a fluent speaker but I’ve been studying for around four years. ステーシー feels right to me but I could be wrong!

@Kaiyena thank you! That is one of the ones my professor suggested so that might be on the right track :blobcat:

@ihatecrayons no problem!! May I ask who your avatar is? He looks super familiar

@ihatecrayons FUCK YEAH I thought so but I didn’t want to be like ‘is that the knife pervert’ and have you be like ‘uhh what the Fuck’. Wrestling is so damn good.

@ihatecrayons I’ve managed to move all my furry stuff off the birdsite but my wrestling account is staying there because migrating to masto would be hard. All my wrasslin pals are there

@Kaiyena yeah, there's a huge lack of wrestling on here, so i still have the birdsite for that haha

@ihatecrayons fingers crossed that one day there’s a wrestling community on here because I will absolutely make a new account for it!!!!

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