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negative feels regarding school 

I started Japanese 101 yesterday and ahhh it's challenging but I think I'm up for it!

Milennials do not read this. Boob lovers: 

I鈥檓 back on my bullshit. Now with two fixed feet! Gonna have to relearn my approach again. For the third and final time! Time to GET GUD

7 years ago, you and your group of friends started a simple UNO game. Today, you are down to your last card.

no idea what i'm going to do with myself tomorrow blah

mastodon privacy 

folks i'm gonna be real honest with you...

i NEED this Mastodon thing to take off because i just ordered 80,000 of these bumper stickers from the printer, and i can't afford to be caught holdin' my junk if this whole thing fizzles.

please consider my personal commercial interests when choosing a social media platform, thk u!

I like that Jay White has transitioned his gimmick from Knife Pervert to just Pervert.

my avatar is TOO INTENSE i think i gotta change it

still super sad that my necklace from @Stevarow I've worn every day and had for years now broke. I keep reaching for it on my neck to play with it and I'm like awww man!

professional wrestling has ruined my life! i love it!

Finally done! Normal operation is resumed. Once you refresh the web interface you'll see it shows if a toot has replies. And there's a link to that new apps page in the footer. And some fixes.

I start my Japanese 101 class on Tuesday :blobcat: nervous but excited! Pretty sure this is my first name in katakana 銈广儐銈ゃ偡銉

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