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I just tried a clotting test only I learned I have next to no clotting factor

honestly I would eat an Alexa and then change the trigger word to my name so people thought I knew things

the only good meme ever was pepe but then the alt right ruined it

every night the porn tags trend but during the day it's only meme tags

lol what if a website asked for parental supervision but your parents were dead

tumblr refugees at people on this site for actual content who were here before tumblr imploded

my school acknowledged the fact the pledge is to religious for some people so we get to say yehaw instead of god

idk why but my friend believed since I go to college in Texas all of my classes take attendance by everyone yehawing at the professor

anyone else here Extremely Not A Fan of Gender

there is a huge difference between doing something "cringy" and doing something straight up horrible part of the reason cringe culture needs to die is so we doing group in Minecraft players with people sexualizing kid shows

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