Further to my last retweet, calling your output “content” cheapens your skills.

If you make videos, you’re a filmmaker.

If you make music, you’re a songwriter.

Take pride in the process of your creation, not just the result.

@ihorner What if I’m a graphic designer, script writer, brainstormer, presenter, public speaker, animator, voice over artist, photographer, blogger, and author? I mean, yeah, pride in all that ... but given that I make more than one thing — and often more than one thing at a time — I lack a single “-er” work to cover what I do.

@markmcelroy Yup, that's very much a modern problem. I feel like we're allowed to wear multiple hats, and we should probably recognize that, because each of those hats requires it's own time and effort put into it.

I guess I just want people to take more pride in what they do than to reduce it to "content".

@ihorner I design computers from scratch. I guess I'd be a computersmith? (Perhaps Anglish would be useful here.)

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