I've been feeling a lot of existential dread lately around the future of the Mac as capital C computer with the coming of Marzipan. I'm glad to have old mac stalwarts like around to put my feelings in perspective.

@ihorner would it be possible to build a Linux from scratch system on ttsf?

@Brian How scratch are we talking? We've already done a couple of PC hardware builds and at that point is basically "install the OS you want to use".

I have been mulling the idea of doing a KVM/QEMU on ubuntu running OS X demo install though...

@ihorner @Brian i think linux from scratch usually refers to all the way from scratch. as in building your own OS following

@aliasless @Brian Thanks! I did find that before responsing, but figured I'd get clarification anyway. When you invoke Carl Sagan as much as I do and someone mentions "from scratch", it's best to find out how much of the universe you'll be inventing.

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