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The 20th edition of "Young Hearts", a compilation of many personalities sudden and "inexplicable" deaths, most of them in their 20's and 30's, covering July 2022. Not sponsored by Pfizer & Moderna.

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A short article I've published 2 days ago on mi Hive blog (one of the most stable and active blockchain based social platforms). It's meant to invite more people to use , so I guess many Mastonauts could add elements and comments about it 😀 @osm_fr

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Gold & Dollar: How Money Became Worthless | Currencies Explained

A highly recommended documentary to understand why all fiat currency based economies are Ponzi schemes, fostering our empoverishment & massive industrial offshoring. Local alternative printed money and privacy oriented autonomous cryptocurrencies (the ones being regulated by algorithms, no USDT or XRP) are more needed than ever...

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¿Cómo nuestros abuelos hubieran llamado una sociedad donde TODOS sus correos hubieran sido leídos y almacenados por la empresa que los entregaba?

El totalitarismo no es un riesgo, es el aquí y ahora.

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@paralithode Mmhhh, the self-referential and micro-Community consensus manufacturing trends are quite inherent to the Instances-based Fediverse architecture (or am I missing something?).

The whole challenge is, for the ones of us interested in such an approach, to build respectful and rational debate-oriented bridges between those micro-Communities (something that Twitter forbids by nature).

what are the least favourite things you have to deal with on a regular basis, at home or at work, tech-wise or otherwise?

i'm asking for a reason, so i really want some answers.

boosts are appreciated.

Le pire pour Joe , à l'heure actuelle, est que sur le nombre croissant de victimes de "Mort Subite des Adultes" aux États-Unis, la grande majorité est (était) "progressiste", donc encline à voter pour les démocrates, alors qu'environ 50% des électeurs républicains ne sont pas tombés dans l'horreur des ces ""

El régimen ucraniano reportó la detención en la ciudad de Nikoláev de 400 personas sospechosas de simpatizar con Rusia. En tan sólo un día. En tan sólo una ciudad. "Limpiamos la ciudad de manera excelente", dijo orgullosamente Dmitri Márchenko, teniente general del 'Ejército' de Ucrania.

Es decir, el régimen de Kiev está ejecutando una cacería de dimensiones apocalípticas contra su propia población, amparado por EEUU y sus cómplices europeos.

Otro punto es que la impactante cantidad de los secuestrados demuestra que el único sustento del 'presidente' Volodímir Zelenski y su camarilla son Washington y Bruselas


Strike is currently still be upheld. Seeing if TeamYoutube can do anything. In the mean time, we will be on Odysee, Rumble, or possibly BOTH today for the WNR.

The 20th edition of "Young Hearts", a compilation of many personalities sudden and "inexplicable" deaths, most of them in their 20's and 30's, covering July 2022. Not sponsored by Pfizer & Moderna.

Non seulement il y a des gens qui font toujours un blog (au lieu d'utiliser facebookinstagramtiktokmedium comme tout le monde) mais en plus ça fait rêver (randonnée dans les Hébrides)

"Someone claimed my teachings imply you should all move to caves and dump any modern tech. This person is part of the naive sheep. Not truly understanding that not all technology is safe. Nor understanding what the true effects are of accepting everything as being part of normal society.

When you really find out what is happening, is this the society you want?"

@ijatz_La_Hojita yep dans l'article ils le précisent d'ailleurs en parlant d'offensive envers les "entreprises occidentales" :-)
Après pas sûr que les BATX soient aussi bien implantés que les Gafam en Russie 0_o

Je viens de m'installer au Dal'i bar pour tenter le premier bar à #vinyles de #Céret.

La Russie inflige une amende de 34 millions de dollars à Google pour avoir enfreint les règles de la concurrence, Moscou continue sa campagne contre les entreprises technologiques étrangères

Well, don't expect answers from me after having been insulted. If you only want to hear points from people having the same ideas as you, don't publish them - just write them in a paper notebook.

hey, if anyone out there is in need of 3D environmental/prop/abstract work, or knows anyone else who might be, I'm looking for some money and work experience. I can also do commissions of a sort, but don't have an idea of what pricing would look like for that. I work in Blender but can prep files of any kind, whether it be 3D files for video games, printing, or 2D rendered stills or animation loops. I don't have experience in character modelling and animation, sorry. feel free to contact me here or via email--my email at the bottom of my artstation portfolio here, which also shows more of my work:

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