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@admin @ijatz_La_Hojita The problem with Let's Encrypt is that it will stop working with older Android phones at the end of next year.I can't accept that this happens to my sites and I'm even considering buying some paid certificated but that would become too expensive for all domains.


Je ne vois pas trop la "solidarité" quand , , Nokia, , SKF, Vallourec etc viennent d'annoncer des centaines de licenciements.


RT @mdiplo
Voici un article extraordinaire à lire absolument : « Épidémie d’affaires », par Philippe Descamps (accès libre ⁕ en kiosques, novembre 2020) //

Michigan state legislators agreed to hold a hearing into election irregularities while a federal appeals court expedited proceedings to consider Trump's legal challenge in Pennsylvania.

Regarding the engine and , I've received the following piece of advice. Any thoughts?

If you are unconcerned about anything bypassing Tor, use Nipe or TAILS.

If you are unconcerned about your anonymity when using Tor, use Nipe and don't bother with TAILS

If you are concerned about your anonymity when using Tor, Tor Browser is the way to go, however you run it.

If you are concerned about anything bypassing Tor, Whonix is a good place to start, and Qubes is the better place to go

Nipe - An engine to make Tor Network your default gateway

Nipe is an engine, developed in Perl, that aims on making the Tor network your default network gateway. Nipe can route the traffic from your machine to the Internet through Tor network, so you can surf the Internet having a more formidable stance on privacy and anonymity in cyberspace.

👀 👉🏼 Download and install:

'Sign in to Firefox'

Dear #Mozilla , has any (real) user demanded that you become another #google #chrome with authenticated users (of your browser)? This is now positioned at the very top of the main menu. You're too close to #surveillance companies and agenda nowadays.
You should not have to log in to a Web browser, not even for stuff like bookmarks. This is what proponents of the "clown" cargo cult do. They think we want all our data 'sucked in' by some dodgy companies that code of #microsoft servers. #deletegithub

Défense de la polygamie en France par un député sur "CNews". Prochaines étapes: l'excision et la mise sous tutelle légale des femmes.

"The idea of the title first cropped up while I was lying drunk in a field in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1971. Not particularly drunk, just the sort of drunk you get when you have a couple of stiff Gössers after not having eaten for two days straight, on account of being a penniless hitch hiker. We're talking of a mild inability to stand up."

(Douglas Adams)

I've just created lol

If you think a video on Peertube is great and will be enjoyed by more people. Just share a link via it.
Let's get a good community based recommendations on the fediverse.

"Six reasons Mastodon won't survive".

(...) I suspect thousands of other Tooters (blech!) will soon do the same and Mastodon will lay down beside all other other fossilized social media platforms and fade from existence".

That article was published in April... 2017. Time to write a "Six reasons @Lance_Ulanoff should learn to analyse tech trends"?

Dilapider de l'argent public, corrompre des mineurs, manipuler la représentativité lycéenne... La Macronie dans ses œuvres.

Pour financer la lutte dessinée non accréditée :
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@ayoli @Phipe sur fdroid y a une appli attestation qui d'après masto fait le job sans t'espionner.

Why NEVER use a voice recognition app or voice-operated device (even our children's toys!) nor dictate anything instead of writing it...

"The Biggest Security Threat is Your Mouth: Speech AI"

@ijatz_La_Hojita Yes,I tried it and I also found a instance that actually works: I think that Yacys concept is the best for a independent internet but results are not good enough to use it as my main search engine yet.

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