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Citizenship Amendment Bill has been introduced in the Rajya Sabha and the Home minister has said that will be implemented across India.
We will be sharing our multilingual primers.
We have one message for the people, don’t panic be prepared

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Hope and light from Varanasi.

The Joint Action Commitee of the
Banaras Hindu University comes out in the support of Prof. Firoze Khan.

Ukraine’s parliament has passed new laws introducing coercive chemical castration which would force anti-androgen injections on men convicted of serious sex offences with minors, would make Ukrainian practice among the harshest in the world.

Is India listening? Worth emulating.

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Famed for her good looks and mild manners but stubborn in getting her way, with a distinct fashion sense, Alexandra in her later years started limping due to arthritis, ladies picked up the ‘limp’ too as fashionable 😄
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Alexandra of Denmark, consort of Edward VII, died on 20 November 1925

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What makes you post and engage on Twitter?

Feel free to add up anything you feel like in the comments.

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Worried about how facial recognition technology is being used? You should be!

Opinion: Face recognizing artificial intelligence is watching you - Los Angeles Times

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1. Entrance Arch (inside details) of main Cenotaph, Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra
2. Tomb ceiling details, Tomb of Akbar, Sikandra

Watched House Arrest. Ali Fazal is ❤️

Delhi, you take my breath away. Literally!

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Donny Donny,
Yes Papa?
Intimidating witnesses?
No Papa!
Telling Lies?
No Papa!
Show me your tweets!
Ha ha ha.

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Telegraph is the mother of all savages. Give a noble prize to the editor.

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Such nationalism, much wow. Available against a discount.

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I'll tell you why.

The doctors and engineers I am talking about didn't value the humanities when they were in school and college. And they don't value them now.

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So is it any surprise that our "educated" middle-class is raging against "media" and "intellectuals" and "experts" and "stars" and "writers" and "artists"?

Make no mistake. This is the cream of India's educational caste system fighting back against its lost privilege.

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For its contentment, the Hindu psyche that persons like Tulsidas helped form, and persons like Akshay Brahmachari represented, does not need a vengeful triumph.

As for those whose psyche requires periodic doses of putting down someone weaker than you, contentment will always be transient. They will be needing new days of Almost Liberation. Always.

- Rajmohan Gandhi


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