When Americans say Iran, I have to stop myself from asking "how many kilometres?"

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Learned Judge might say that once Sanjay Hedge starts opposing the Govt, case will be heard.

Government must be thinking these showers are godsent for dispersing protesters.

This cold would have been enjoyable if the air was clean and we had clear blue skies.

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Shiv Sena to oppose Citizenship Bill

Seemingly, the BJP's former ally has acquired a ‘secular’ streak and is claiming that the Bill would pose a threat to national security.


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@Gargron @Aleums@radical.town

Hear Ye, Hear Ye @Gargron (aka Eugen) is the man to get hold of when you experience a problem with Mastodon.Social. He responds back to promptly.

@ikaveri Brief report on the avatar problem I experienced. It has been resolved. Real briefly it was a self correcting problem prolly need more time than I was willing to give it. Here is Eugen's response:
It takes a while for new accounts' avatars to propagate. This can usually be fixed by re-uploading the avatar or just waiting

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@jamewils And thank you for all the painstaking information collected over these years and made accessible to us. Thanks @ikaveri -good account to follow.

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The independence of the courts is not so fragile that it will crumble under criticism.


Such a powerful piece by @dushyant in the Mumbai Mirror today.

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