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~ilianaw @ilianaw

it's raining and yet sunny out?

started using the red hat water bottle I got at summit last year and twitter.com/willrad/status/607

This is a HTML email and your email client software does not support HTML email!

and now I just got an airline representative to say this domain over the phone

the domain name that keeps on giving

another morning where I'm emailing the government from a buttslol.net address

dissolving a pill under your tounge is kinda weird

I'm pretty sure that my entire summer wardrobe is going to be skirts at this point

@iximeow in this case apparently a BIOS option

64-bit ......... Yes

servers are a trip

tempted to update my laptop to fedora 26 alpha...

* go at 1:20 pm
* go alone

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@Spider that is a solid domain hack

(yes I've heard your hardest problem in computer science jokes already)

picking a hostname is the hardest problem in computer science

on the way here we saw our other roommate and his partner, much more dressed up at a much less dressed up restaurant

we greeted them by slamming against the window

semi-fancy dinner with roommate. wearing heels again for the first time in a couple of weeks (roommate is wearing flip-flops)

well, teespring's print quality has turned to absolute shit apparently