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You seem to be shaking your head in frustration. Would you like to submit a bug report to the developers?

that realization that you're leaving for SGDQ in five days and still haven't played through nier:automata

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() ascii ribbon campaign - against HTML e-mail
/\ www.asciiribbon.org - against proprietary attachments

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@raccoon yes, absolutely. I have a PoE switch and some cheap PoE splitters that output to micro USB that I got off of Amazon, works great as far as I can tell

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“Various GitHub OAuth tokens and secure environment variables that users included in their builds were accidentally exposed via inclusion in build logs on Travis CI.”


Looks like it’s laundry day for developers.

current top of yak stack: boringssl has TLSv1.3 support, nginx mainline has TLSv1.3 support, but the two combined do not work

it's raining and yet sunny out?

started using the red hat water bottle I got at summit last year and twitter.com/willrad/status/607

This is a HTML email and your email client software does not support HTML email!

and now I just got an airline representative to say this domain over the phone

the domain name that keeps on giving

another morning where I'm emailing the government from a buttslol.net address

dissolving a pill under your tounge is kinda weird

I'm pretty sure that my entire summer wardrobe is going to be skirts at this point