What if the meaning of life is to make as much money as you can?

Last night I had what I could only call a damp dream... I'm bi.

I think I am a leftist in every way except I'm not a communist or socialist. Am I a leftist?

I don't know why but wearing all black makes me feel self assured, powerful and a bit mysterious.

I want a phone and a camera, or should I just get an iPhone 12, or should I just get a Pixel, or a Samsung Note? Decisions decisions.

Does anyone on here want to shoot me a message on Signal? We could talk about privacy, ethics, piracy, anything really.

I seem to be unable to make up my mind about privacy, what it means to me and how that should inform my digital choices.

Switching to tablet is something I never thought I would do for any reason

I can't quit windows because of architecture and engineering. Does wine even work for Revit or Civil 3D?

Veganism isn't the only way, but it's the crossroad.

The excuse I'm often getting from people for why they can't switch to Signal is that they dont have enough space on their phones

WhatsApp is trying its best to keep users from switching to Signal and Telegram


Switch to Signal from WhatsApp is very simple, based on my personal experience.

I've began the slow process of ditching WhatsApp for Signal. I changed my profile pictures, and changed my abouts to "I've switched to Signal; message me privately and securely there." I'll leave my accounts up for a few weeks before I delete them, but the apps are off my phone.

@Gina No, especially since I have no hope of getting off the bloody thing :/

“We are very concerned with the fact that all the satellites which re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere burn and create tiny alumina particles which will float in the upper atmosphere for many years. Eventually it will affect the environment of the Earth.”

Had a really fun casual conservation with an old friend, I hope we talk more often.

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