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hey please like, help me get my own money, my family keeps saying we're okay but im just worried? like if y'all wanna help out and spread it around heres my paypal, its in my profile too so 

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hey gays what's up this intro is overdue, my name's Q, I'm 18, nb lesbian
my tumblr:
my insta: @illuminatedbeehive
my twitter: @BirbusMemeus

Pokemon Sword and Shield Leak (Spoiler) 

Complete list of new Pokemon for Sword and Shield.

im also going to urgent care tomorrow! because i went to the school doctors and they have no idea what the Fuck is happenign with my knee

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illness/food ment 

i ate day old pizza the other day and forgot to put it in the fridge so i Uhhhh got food poisoning

Anyway this is your local reminder to tag your posts properly, caption your images and don't emoji spam for the sanity of people with screen readers!

hey can anyone reccomend me any instances i can join for learning/practicing german? ive just started learning it but i want to make sure i actually use what im learning if that makes sense

i dont have a thotsona becuase im my own thotsona

when he aint got hair to pull so u just smach his bald head 😩​

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