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@Nach @caraellison do you think Tolkien was in the 63 under 63 when lotr was published

Feeling down or out?

Take a minute today to find a friend or even acquaintance to talk to. Peer counseling can be the best.

Also check if maybe you could go work with a therapist. I know not everyone has insurance, but if you do - many insurance plans actually cover mental health, you may be unaware that yours does.

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Down with "man sickness" - no real symptoms, feel like crap. Listening to The Moth as about the only thing I can tolerate (TV and reading is hard).

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In the prehistoric era, humans gradually spread across the earth as generation after generation of people ran away from their problems

"Reproducing experience is a very tricky business requiring both artfulness and practice... If you're honestly trying to tell what happened, you find facts are very obstinate things to deal with. But if you begin to fake them, to pretend things happened in a way that makes for a nice neat story, you're misusing imagination. You're passing fiction off as fact: which is, among children at least, called lying." - Ursula Le Guin, from "Words are my matter"

TFW your brain is a kind of haze/mush during the workday, even though you have people depending on you

I'd probably be embarrassed to admit this elsewhere but I'll share here. I'm really digging the Veronice Mars show. Awesome early 2000s vibe, it's empowering, it's (kinda smart) and it's just fun.



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