@ubuntustudio Installed Ubuntu Studio Groovy Gorilla on my desktop, using it as daily driver. Plasma settings are great. Everything is smooth, fast and looks awesome! Only thing I had to add is a script to auto start Carla with my settings and then minimize the window.
Ubuntu Studio for the win!

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@ilvipero Ubuntu Studio is great. Been using it for a while now. It's probably a good decision for them to make KDE the default DE (even though I preferer XFCE personally). Great to hear it's working well either way. :)

@mllepogany love xfce too. Having said that, @ubuntustudio is so great, that you can easily install all the components to any of the ubuntu flavors. You can see in the article i wrote, how easy it was to install on the awesome Ubuntu Budgie.

@ilvipero Yes, it's really great! Will probably install Xubuntu in the future and just add the PPA for Ubuntu Studio :)

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