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@Linux4Everyone please do not use Discord for FOSS things, it is really promoting bad practices...

getting really hard to avoid now :(

@falktx I have 700+ people in our Discord server. Should I NOT tell them about all the great projects FOSS developers are working on?

Please, please, do not have this kind of gatekeeping attitude.

@Linux4Everyone it is not gatekeeping to want open-source, privacy-respecting tools for the community.
might as well be on facebook then, it has the largest amount of users possible.

as someone who cares about my own privacy, sorry but services like those are abhorrent.

on an alternative POV.. what about all the people that are not ok with discord ToS? they can't join your community.


@falktx @Linux4Everyone spot on. I completely agree with your point of view @falktx . Not bashing on discord, nor those who use it. Having said that, platforms that the influencers use and promote, have an impact on lots of people. Promoting FOSS platforms helps a ton.

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