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Check out this weeks episode of Sudo Show #16! 😀🐧

We dive straight into our home labs, how to plan your lab, buy or build your own servers, some cool projects to get you started, and take a look at Inbox Zero!

#Linux #OpenSource #podcasts

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I’m combat veteran.

If you attack our nation’s Capitol, you are an insurgent & a seditionist.

If you use violence & terrorism to attempt to overturn the results of our election you aren’t a patriot, you are a traitor.



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Nextcloud is perfect for remote work, as millions of our users already know.

Let us quickly explain below in the video why it is so awesome! 🥰

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Pleased to announce that the #PinePower desktop (125W) and portable (64W) power supply units are now available in the Pine Store.

Store Link:

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6: Jamming with Jenny - The Witcher 3, Tabletop Simulator, Don't Starve Together

A podcast which takes a look at the interesting happenings inside the world of video games. From news and reviews to the deeper aspects of the industry. Join Chris Were in a journey which takes him around the Game Sphere. Game Sphere is a podcast brought to you by the Destination Linux Network! In today's trip around the Game Sphere we take a look at Don't Starve Together, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and Tabletop Simulator. 00:00 - Welcome to Game Sphere 01:34 - Don't Starve Together 27:21 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 55:09 - Tabletop Simulator Jenny's Twitch Jenny's YouTube Don't Starve Together The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Tabletop Simulator Go to to get started for FREE. To make things even better Bitwarden is 100 per cent open source. Go to to get started with your $100 Free Credit on Digital Ocean’s new App Platform. Support the show on Patreon Send your viewer feedback to or visit the DLN forums Find my other social media at

@ChrisWere hold on, wait. Do you need to subscribe, pay, and still get ads?
Dang, sounds like a win-win (double win for them).

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You can now register for LibrePlanet 2021, hosted by Electronic Frontier Alliance member @fsf. LIbrePlanet is a multi-day conference which celebrates the values of the free software movement.

@danrabbit I am 2 hours late. 2am here in Taiwan. XD Oh well, happy new year!

@ChrisWere Just saw a game I wanted on steam sale and got it. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus. I am having a blast, great music, love the graphics and gameplay. Runs great on Linux out of the box.

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Members like you ensure that EFF can focus on keeping the Internet as free and open as it can be. Join EFF or renew your support this year

@ChrisWere what? I never had any issue print... oh nevermind that. I better shut up and join you *shakes fist against evil printers*

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This year, give your favorite nonprofit a gift: help us unlock challenge grants by giving a donation before year's end!

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Wishing you a Happy Holiday season from everyone at Nextcloud! 💙☃️

Stay safe & healthy! ❄️

@dasgeek nice! Now you just need to watch Trading Places, and your Christmas will be perfect XD

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During 2020 EFF:

- Fought against the EARN IT Act 🗝️
- Launched our Atlas of Surveillance database 🔦
- Celebrated our 30th anniversary of fighting for your digital rights 👩‍💻🎉

Help us keep up the fight in 2021 and beyond!

@ChrisWere using it from the gui can be a frustrating experience some times, like being stuck in a loop trying to download plugins. From terminal it usually works well on first try. If you need help feel free to DM me.

@ChrisWere i always have amazing experience with HP printers on linux. just need to install hplip, and the start setup, best if from terminal using something like the example below for network printer:
hp-setup -i
On Ubuntu based distributions you might also want to disable printer auto detection service.

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