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Abvp hindu college unit president ankita biswas can clearly pulling hairs and assaulting a DU student right in front of #DelhiPolice inside arts faculty north campus. What more do we need to prove that it is all planned by #abvpgoons #CABProtests #JamiaProtest #DelhiBurning

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Left calls for human chain in Kerala of over 600 km from Kasargod in the north to Thiruvananthapuram in the south on January 26th 2020 to protest against CAA. More than 3 million people expected to participate. #CAAprotest

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Kids got together and showed us a mirror. Ashamed and proud at the same time. They are the light this country needs.

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"When you take permission from police and then protest then it becomes a concert. We were not here to do a concert. We will continue the protest."

- Kannan Gopinathan

Hugs my young brother 🥰

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Bravo! Bravo!!
You will remember this action with great honor and pride for the rest of your life.

The scandalous #ElectoralBonds that BJP has milked illegally have been so far worth Rs 6,000 cr. So please, first let your party reveals its bond donors list, then you go dig public institution's accounts.

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जामिया मिल्लिया का बिजली बिल एक साल 2018-19 का मात्र 19 करोड़ है !

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In case only #DelhiProtest is revolutionary enough for you, here's an image of the #CABProtests from Purnea(Bihar)

If this doesn't make you hopeful in these abysmal times, what will?

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@CNNnews18@twitter.activitypub.actor Here’s my video report on the Police’s version on Jamia.

- No student involved in violence.

- Violence by local netas.

- Students only gave protest call.

Jinnah couldn't manage to prove himself right in his life time, but Modi ji is certainly helping now.

Cheat sheet is so clear from this graphic, for the ones who need everything as capsules ;)

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Yeah thats right, I eat avocado toast... But not a millennial, troll on! (I make it too, so like, I didn't pay 15$ for it either...)

I went to bed because I felt sleepy and now that I’m in bed I do not feel sleepy

Yes, I use BJP supporters and Hindu Terrorist sympathisers interchangeably

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