I have almost 23K followers on Twitter, still I'm not getting reach there because twitter has reduced reach..

I have 600 followers here and my reach is better here ! 😁

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@HazratBilli @imMAK02 merko nahi karta followback :P

Main gaali deta logu ko isliye


I follow this rule everywhere in the life, I engage with people if I know at least something about them πŸ˜‚ don't engage with strangers lol


@GreySasquatch @imMAK02 @HazratBilli
Not asking him to follow everyone and in fact he shouldn't but without engaging or interacting with someone how can one have an opinion about the another?? Following comes secondary.

@GreySasquatch @imMAK02 @HazratBilli
I respect Asif for whatever does, he's phenomenal in his work and very courageous.

@JunedShelatSays @imMAK02 @HazratBilli Actually Asif Interacts with ppl who he doesn't follow regularly

He replied back many times on twitter

@imMAK02 I am really Keen to know ab aesa Kya pata chal Gaya?


The person behind this account is genuine and not

@HazratBilli @imMAK02 yay... Ye sahi hai... convo padh k hi hansi aa gayi.. Twitter toxicity se baahar

@imMAK02 @GreySasquatch @Deepsealioness @HazratBilli

That's y new comers are putting up their bio. If u think they are like minded, pl follow them. πŸ˜€

@imMAK02 twitter pe na sahi yahan to follow back krdoπŸ˜€πŸ™

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