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@PIB_India@twitter.com @MoHFW_INDIA@twitter.com 😂 😂 😂 In correct words it is called manipulation of numbers. How the testing is happening, how the numbers are getting reported... Sab Jan chuke hai...

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मैं @myogiadityanath@twitter.com जी से पूछना चाहता हूँ। अगर आपका प्रशासन हाथरस में हुए दलित बेटी के रेप को सिर्फ एक ‘खबर’ मान उसे ‘मैनेज’ करने की जगह उसके इलाज पर ध्यान दे देता तो क्या वो आज हमारे बीच नहीं होती? क्यूँ उसे समय पर AIIMS नहीं भेजा गया? क्यूँ इस खबर को ‘फेक न्यूज’ बताया गया?

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What an achievement Mr. MoSha.

Now the HALWA of Deshbhakti will take us to 1000AD.

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: Amnesty International India Halts Its Work On Upholding Human Rights In India Due To Reprisal From Government Of India


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Thought for Upper caste only if you feel ashamed of it. This 👇 means Suvarnas are absolutely fine if their daughters, sisters, mothers are brut@lly r@ped and murd€red by UCs or Thakurs, they still will come forward and support them
Wow what kind of culture Sangh has given to us

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I bet you won't be able to get rid of your SINS even after this.

पाप नहीं धुलने वाले तेरे तू कुछ भी कर ले, देख लेना twitter.com/sambitswaraj/statu

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There is something called good governance through HONEST Govt. If this can be taken care almost everything will fall in place, including you. Do you (@KanganaTeam@twitter.com) have courage to abuse and shout on @myogiadityanath@twitter.com twitter.com/KanganaTeam/status

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These shameless leaders & heartless bootlicker journos wl never realise the pain 6 yrs old Hapur girl or Manisha Valmiki have gone through. This is becoming every day's affair in UP
Why @myogiadityanath@twitter.com shouldn't step down if he is unable to protect people.

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@myogiadityanath@twitter.com Any reason why you and your state is unable to protect females under Beti Bachao Beti Padao abhigyan categorically Dalits?

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Punjab: Farmers burned stubble in their fields in Devi Dass Pura in Amritsar district.

A farmer said, "We understand the problem of pollution but we do not have any other alternative. We are helpless." (28.09.2020)

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BREAKING: UAE gets access to the world's most lethal killing machine in exchange for its betrayal of the Palestinian people. twitter.com/TheNatlInterest/st

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I bet you won't be able to get rid of your SINS even after this.

पाप नहीं धुलने वाले तेरे तू कुछ भी कर ले, देख लेना twitter.com/sambitswaraj/statu

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@SushantBSinha@twitter.com देश की माँ बहन बेटियों का अपमान करता है भड़वे,

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Be in the company of good, positive people; those who are good for your mental health. Not those who will pick on you constantly & knock you down for the slightest wrong. During tough times like this, it’s crucial to keep your inner peace. Don’t let anything or anyone rattle you!

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The state gov has prepared guidelines to restart restaurant operations & submitted to concerned authorities. Once finalised, a decision to reopen restaurants will be taken, stated CM Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray in a meeting with representatives of restaurant business associations.

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यशवंतराव चव्हाण साहेब आणि शहीद ए आझम भगतसिंग यांच्या आई 🙏🙏

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पंजाब हरियाणा के सड़क पर एक नारा लगा रहे है!
“ना धर्म दा ना साइंस दा,मोदी है रिलायंस दा!”

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Hello! What's up folks? Was working on this new song on the flute so thought of sharing. I heard a lot of people are missing me so I thought why not visit you guys for day.

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“Can you imagine the pain when the amniotic sac is ruptured and water flows and the hospital still refuses treatment asking,“are you a covid patient”.
We didn’t even get justice from a government hospital. NC Shareef stated in a social media post. 

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