so theoretically running rhizomes for short turn more spread out damage and clumping rhizomes for slow burn more precise damage.

It is my sincerest hope that this thread gets taken up with people by other ways plants can be used to disrupt structures both physical and power.

an important one is just planting trees that grow edible fruit on them in public places. A person at a restaraunt I was at today was liking climbing around poking in the leaves of a tree and we were wondering what they were doing until they came down with a fig! Did not realize the thing was a fruiting plant at all at first glance.

@imani There's apple trees all over my city and sometimes I'll just grab an apple and start eating. My friends think I'm weird, but I think it's a fantastic little snack. I do wonder what the homeless population of my city thinks, since I would expect there not to be so many apples left if they were popular with homeless folks. Maybe they're waiting for the apples to ripen a little more.

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