I know it hasn't really reached out from tumblr or twitter into mastadon yet but maybe it can get a foothold here? Blackness needs to shine out everywhere!

Also a picture of the board game I've put a lot of work into Unbound: Endless War (boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/14)

@imani I know this is an old post, but I adore your eye makeup. Bright pink suits you so well!

@erinbee thanks! you also managed to reply just as i was logging into mastodon to check before i left for work so good timing.

@imani you are so cute! :blobheartcat:

The game looks good. Has a bit of a Solarpunk vibe.

@kawaiipunk solarpunk vibe? Thats something i hadn't heard before. Howso do you think?

also thanks ^_^

@imani it's like the new hotness in speculative fiction. It's kind of a critique of cyberpunk as being too dystopic. Its starting to develop its own aesthetic that has a lot of suns and moons in it.

I'm sure there's probs some stuff under #solarpunk on here

I meant I hadn't heard anyone say the game has that vibe. Was asking about what made you think that rather then what solar punk was.

@imani oh sorry my bad 😩

Just the sort of fractal design in the orange and purple cards(?) reminds me of some of that aesthetic.

@imani Those of you who are also on twitter check out folks there twitter.com/hashtag/blackoutda

Don't just boost selfies its about folks and their creative works and projects too. Let's lift folks up in all kinds of ways.

enough beating the drum for now going to try and get some work done I'll be back later.

Neat! Is there somewhere we can learn more about the board game?

@ajroach42 yeah would have been neat to be in stores but its still available to print and play: gumroad.com/l/Unbound-Endless-

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