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Real talk: I'm excited by Mastodon's decentralized nature, community focus and (most of all) relative lack of nazis, but I'm not really having fun yet. I feel like I'm shouting into my closet. Or stumbling on an old phpBB with 2 or 3 active users left.

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“The great French mathematician Henri Poincaré said something adding to our understanding of the roles that both rationality and intuition play in discovery: “It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.””

lol @ me thinking I could learn Framer in a short period of time on my own. Totally happy I went with this course on Udemy.

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Is this where we talk about how cold it is?

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So a few questions:

1. is there an iOS app for this or do we mobile web it up for now?

2. Do you advise I post to public or unlisted? What’s more ?

🎤 Is this thing on?

I’m gonna regret this being my first toot on here when I see it years down the road.


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