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Stats for Nerds 


Age: GenX
Gender: Female XX
Orientation: Pansexual
Preference: Sapiosexual
Pronouns: She/Her/Xers
Signs: Leo/Ox/Sturgeon
Type: Empath/Indigo/INTJ-P

Career: STEM/Medicine
Education: MBA/PhD
Location: SE US/Nomad
Politics: Left/Liberal
Race: Native/White
Religion: Agnostic/Spiritual
Status: Single with Doggy

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15 Aug 1970 Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton delivered a speech in NYC criticisng homophobia and sexism in revolutionary movements and arguing for "full participation of the gay liberation movement and the women's liberation movement".

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Violence against women, sexism, objectification of women 

This movie was actually pretty funny. If you are a scientist, especially a woman in the sciences, then you will relate to many of these quips. Microbiologists, cancer biologists, social scientists, grad students, lab interns and university administrators are all represented humorously. There is even some quasi-queerness, so overall a pretty inclusive .

Sensitivity Training (2016)

I think people who say "I worked hard to get where I am" are the most self-deluded people on the planet. Many people work hard. Not everyone gets somewhere.

Some feel-good for hump-day

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom - "Edge Of The Edge" from the album 'Reset' out 12 Aug 2022 on Domino Recording Co.

Rant about rent 

Today I applied for a home in a random city in America. If I am approved, I will move to random city later this month. Hopefully it will be better than current city. But the rental is 3x the price of my current house and significantly smaller/worse. Thanks capitalism for increasing housing costs year over year while keeping wages stagnant. Now I will be paying the same for a shabby place in random city as I did for a nice house in San Francisco 10 years ago. Fuck you neoliberals.

I decided to buy some cheap coffee. How bad could it be? I'm not picky at all!

It literally tastes like hot water sprinkled with dirt. I hope there is at least some caffeine in there.

Woke up this morning singing this song. Strange how obscure oldies can pop into your head.

Bad Company - Early in the Morning

The new season of Westworld is starting to feel like normal life. The stories we tell. When fiction converges with reality.

The female version of growing out your beard during a pandemic is to not pluck our eyebrows. I will miss my sturdy brow 🤨

If you like hot girls and punk , watch The Darts latest performance

This makes me feel only *slightly* better. Correcting the misinformation in reporting on the story about plankton reduction in the oceans.

The climate research that has always rocked me most is when we see the impacts on the biosphere and essential species. Yet we focus so much attention on global warming and weather effects (which are of course the precursors to destabilization in ecosystems, but harder for people to grasp the connection).

Thanks to KEXP for introducing me to Adia Victoria. Her album 'A Southern Gothic' is great. She also has a new single about young women and girls growing up in the conservative South. What a refreshingly authentic voice in today.

Why is the east side of town always the bad side in American cities? I'm looking for a new place to live and reviewing housing and crime data in various neighborhoods.

I recall reading or watching a documentary many years ago that attributed this phenomenon to how the railroads were originally constructed through towns. I'm sure segregation had a lot to do with this too. It's just surprising how this persists today.

Systemic racism literally built into its foundation. Wrong side of the tracks.

I watched all four Matrix films (Matrices?) this week. Given their length and silliness, I feel I should be given a badge of some kind. The in the last movie made it worth it I guess. (Not a spoiler, just a general truth.)

COVID + Heat Wave = Sitting Motionless Staring at Computer

Pixies - Where Is My Mind?

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