Musings on the Internet 

The online world (much like the real one) is filled with so many toxic people. I gave up on reading comments and participating in forums long ago for this reason. Now that I am starting to reengage, I find that it is only a matter of time before someone is randomly targeted and ganged up on. My response is usually to defend, diffuse or disappear. What happens when all the healthy communicators leave and let the bullies dominate the conversation?

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Musings on the Internet 

@imgn It's why many of us are turning to well-moderated, smaller communities like Mastodon, which obviously you know since it's where you choose to be. I've been a moderator in various places over my internet life and this is like being back in early BBS days where we get a lot of control back while having the access to modern online media -- back then you couldn't even scan and upload the newspaper.

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