I keep coming back to this infographic comparing instant messaging platforms, so I thought I would share.

@imgn hmm 🤔 Looks not bad, but I still miss Mattermost in the centralized part 😊

@kromonos Good catch. Sessions appears to be missing as well,

@imgn I don't get that Discord, Slack and Whatsapp don't have Apps according to that graphic.

@imgn the most difficult thing is to have people to talk to in each app (most of my friends use WhatsApp/Instagram/Facebook), I would use briar or tox but I find them useful only in an organization where you actively decide to use it for certain project purposes.

@imgn just when i explain how to create an account on very new xmpp

Why isn't in alphabetical order ?
Like that :
* Briar
* Jami
* Tox
* Conversations
* Delta Chat
* Element
* Nextcloud Talk
* etc.


@FF255 Good question. Maybe they are organized based on level of privacy/security. Some platforms (like Element) can be decentralized or server-less @rabble

These indications already appear on the infographic... Would this be miscategorized?


@FF255 @imgn Sure, because element can run in a federated server way or in a pure p2p2 way.

@imgn Element (and Matrix) can run in fully peer to peer mode or via federated servers. It should be on the line between the two.

@imgn de entre las descentralizadas, por aquí solo se habla de xmpp y matrix. Q ocurre con las otras? Cuales son las diferencias más notables entre ellas? Me planteo migrar, pero no parece tarea fácil,... por cual me decanto?
@imgn @hury Quizá te interese probar dos o tres e ir sacando conclusiones.
A mí, las más completas, tendiendo en cuenta diferentes parámetros (facilidad de uso, privacidad, descentralización, libertad para elegir plataforma, etc.) me parecen:
- Element (Matrix)
- Delta Chat (porque se integra con el correo).
Si te abres cuenta en Matrix, ¡únete al grupo de la Comuna Digital! 😀

@imgn There is missing an information about recent audit of the server, Signal haven't been audited recently so we can't trust it.

@imgn kind of funny how they confuse Conversations with XMPP as an IM platform :blobcat3c:

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