Nadia Reid - Best Thing

Shot on rare Kodak 7222 16mm black and white film on location in Dunedin, New Zealand

I am so upset by something I read this morning that instead I am going to post a photo of a zebra foal born with pseudomelanism (reverse spots instead of stripes).

Mesmerizing new video by Anna Calvi for the 10 Year Anniversary Edition of the debut LP.

Rider To The Sea

App that lets you put Bernie anywhere using Google Maps

I chose the iconic surfing statue in my hometown of Santa Cruz, California.

"Dance in the Moonbeam" by Theodor Kittelsen (Norway, 1901)

Camina Drummer (Bosmang) is still probably my favorite character on The

I just realized that I am a JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Scientist.

A dombra performance by Marzhan Kapsamat of Nursultan, Kazakhstan. The 23-year-old musician is playing in Lake KΓΆbeituz, a salt lake in Kazakhstan that turns pink every several years.

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