Watching Season 2 of Reservation Dogs and thought I would translate some of the Native American slang in case you've never heard it.

Sko - "Let's go"
Skoden - "Let's go then"
Stoodis - "Let's do this"
Supden - "What's up then"

Also like how some of the same indigenous actors are on Resident Alien 👽

I love that they cast Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) as She-Hulk. I'm enjoying the season so far.

Whenever I see the GNU logo, I am reminded of my favorite characters from the Animalympics

This movie was actually pretty funny. If you are a scientist, especially a woman in the sciences, then you will relate to many of these quips. Microbiologists, cancer biologists, social scientists, grad students, lab interns and university administrators are all represented humorously. There is even some quasi-queerness, so overall a pretty inclusive .

Sensitivity Training (2016)

Watched 'Gaslight' with Ingrid Bergman. She is amazing and beautiful as always. Angela Lansbury is great too. This ages well and there is a reason it is a classic.

Another beautiful for the seafarers and sea lovers among us.

"Alamar" - Before their inevitable farewell, Jorge, a young man of Mayan roots, takes his half Italian son, Natan, on an epic journey into the open sea to the Chinchorro reef off the coast of Mexico, where Natan discovers the world and culture of his father’s water-bound lifestyle.

I found another free that doesn't suck. (I'm seeing how long I can go without paid streaming services or pirating.)

"Life: Amidral" about a privileged young woman in Mongolia who loses her child and goes on a long journey of praying in prostration to the Buddhist Temple to find Truth.


I finally watched the Freeheld for . I was avoiding it because I thought it would be depressing. It actually had some positive outcomes. It made me worry, however, that the Supreme Court might try to reverse same-sex marriage and other protections for + folk. Scary times, but I believe we ultimately move the needle in the right direction.

I just discovered the Freaks. It was pretty good and the little girl is as good as Drew Barrymore in the original Firestarter. I recommend if you like sci-fi thrillers.

Watched the 'Margarita with a Straw' for . I don't think there are enough movies like this.

"A rebellious young woman with cerebral palsy leaves India to study in New York. On her journey of self-discovery, she unexpectedly falls in love."

Recommended readings and resources for

"Queer Indigenous feminism emphasizes kinship and relationality based in reciprocity. Queer Indigenous feminists remind us that Indigenous traditions of kinship do not discriminate against gender and sexual diversity amongst our relatives."

I just re-discovered the Smithsonian channel and am making my way through their archaeology series. Some of the documentaries are over-dramatized to make them interesting to the general public, but I still find them informative.

Currently watching "Epic Warrior Women" narrated by Lynda Carter!

Scream was a scream. Led me down a wiki hole of the Arquette family. I remember seeing Rosanna in Hollywood in the late 90s. Both of us standing outside a club on Sunset waiting for our rides alone. Stealing nervous glances, probably smoking. She was much older than me, but I still knew who she was. Forgot this song was about her.

Star Trek: Picard (observations, not spoilers) 

Yes, the second season of Picard is a little cheesy with their studio sets of Los Angeles and other cast hijinks. But I am still enjoying it and particularly liked the recent episode "Two of One." The heartwarming speech Picard gives to the young female astronaut struggling with imposter syndrome was gold. Too many of us only get negative messaging and it can become our own undoing.

This is the Yellowjackets theme song you were referring to @tagomago

No Return by Anna Waronker and Craig Wedren


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