I consider one of my greatest accomplishments this past year to be not murdering my asshole neighbors or going full Garp on them. Perhaps a humanitarian award for Zen patience is in order?


This new post-apocalyptic show from New Zealand is quite good if you can find it. What makes it so entertaining is the hilarious trio of Kiwi-Asian women who co-star in it. They are the perfect comedy team.

Creamerie trailer vimeo.com/535451572

I've been watching some pretty entertaining shows lately (Clarice, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Made for Love), but THEM is something else. youtube.com/watch?v=89ilHUbjUo

If you like historical realism and horror, then this will shock you. The acting is amazing and the story terrifying. You've been forewarned. themoviedb.org/tv/120462-them

If you like drag queens, Trixie Mattel and Katya react to the movie 'I Care A Lot.'

+ youtu.be/6fK3jRTc4xw

Another good and musical score: 'Land' directed by and starring Robin Wright.


(I have thought about escaping to the wilderness many times. Came very close recently with my planning.)

"The World to Come" Review 

I was not expecting to like this movie that much. And indeed it started out slow and predictable for the historical romance genre. But there are some very artful moments that are staying with me. I would watch it again. πŸ’”


So this movie is amazing. South Korean cinema is the best for horror. I heard there is a sequel that just came out called Peninsula, but I am afraid it won't match the perfection of Train to Busan.


This movie was everything I needed it to be (minus the gore). And the theme song should win a Grammy. Thank you for the countdown @artilectzed


'News of the World' movie review 

Fuck this .

I watched this because someone I know once told me I remind them of Carey Mulligan. Not sure how I feel about that now, but it is a killer movie.

'Promising Young Woman' youtube.com/watch?v=we5yV7Gc9r

Soul *Spoiler* 

I finally watched the new Pixar movie Soul and loved it like most people. It is actually more of a commentary on depression than spirituality, which I think is increasingly important these days πŸ’™



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