Cool spot for a live performance.

The amazing Anna B Savage on the shores of Ireland.

I decided to finally devote myself to the (I will still be using too).

Now I have an excuse to share this song and video I love from one of my favorite bands.

More here:

New video from The Shins - The Past and Pending

Beautiful filming and remastered audio from the 20th Anniversary Edition of their album Oh, Inverted World

We need more of The Linda Lindas !

Full concert at the L.A. public library

"Racist, Sexist Boy"

Angel Olsen's new album 'Song of the Lark and Other Far Memories' was released today. Get all 28 tracks for

More guitar virtuosity to sooth my sleepless soul. (Though the person coughing in the middle of the performance should have stayed home.)

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Tash Sultana (the one-person multi-instrumentalist from Australia) has a new album out. I haven't listened to it yet, but this amazing performance from 2017 is something I always come back to.

The Current

Terra Firma

Alela Diane - Take Us Back

Atop the crags and cliffs the air is thin
So we'll find a mountain path on down the hill
Meet me where the snowmelt flows
It is there, my dear, where we'll begin again
Skipping stones, braiding hair
Last years antlers mark the trail

Nadia Reid - Best Thing

Shot on rare Kodak 7222 16mm black and white film on location in Dunedin, New Zealand

If you are looking for some new for , here are my (dog's) favorites for 2020 (and a few from 2021). It includes mostly indie singer-songwriters from around the globe with a few alternative albums thrown in.

Mesmerizing new video by Anna Calvi for the 10 Year Anniversary Edition of the debut LP.

Rider To The Sea

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