If you like drag queens, Trixie Mattel and Katya react to the movie 'I Care A Lot.'

+ youtu.be/6fK3jRTc4xw

I love this show so much. I rarely laugh this hard. Every character is perfect. It is like watching Fargo meets Starman (the movies). There are even Native American themes and music, which was a pleasant surprise.

Resident Alien themoviedb.org/tv/96580-reside

@kot I agree, I've been locked out of so many accounts because they want more identifying information. But it is becoming harder to avoid these games when they involve essential government and financial services.

There is a troubling new trend in account verification that I fear will become standard soon. In the past month alone, three sites (a cryptocurrency exchange, a government portal, and a social network) asked me to verify my identity with a real-time selfie or live video call. They claim it is for our protection, but it is obviously surveillance in action. Worse, they store all your personal data and lock you out of your account until you provide this, so you are forced to comply to gain access.

Another good and musical score: 'Land' directed by and starring Robin Wright.


(I have thought about escaping to the wilderness many times. Came very close recently with my planning.)

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I get annoyed fairly easily. But depending on what it is, I will try and use that energy in a positive way. Because while snark is fun, ranting is cathartic, to change the world you need help.

So I will always strive to be positive, while aiming for revolution. Those barriers won't tear down without help.


@onepict I would substitute pretty words for impactful and respectful ones. You seem to do this well.


@onepict I agree, we need to model empathy and emotional intelligence as a new way forward in transformative leadership. But as an Empath (I hate that word, though it applies here) who has endured a toxic career and family, we need to learn to accept our righteous anger and not burry it in politeness. Kindness works for those who are kind and should be applied generously. For the rest, we should not apologize for our indignation against injustice.


@onepict Female rage, responsibly directed, is the new revolution.

"The World to Come" Review 

I was not expecting to like this movie that much. And indeed it started out slow and predictable for the historical romance genre. But there are some very artful moments that are staying with me. I would watch it again. 💔


Alela Diane - Take Us Back

Atop the crags and cliffs the air is thin
So we'll find a mountain path on down the hill
Meet me where the snowmelt flows
It is there, my dear, where we'll begin again
Skipping stones, braiding hair
Last years antlers mark the trail


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a grassroots watchdog network connecting the dots between business and government

Thoughts on words - possibly unpopular 

@scully We do have words like de-evolve or regress, but that just describes something moving backwards. Someone can move forward in the wrong way, as you say.

Influencers these days are almost aways bad or superficial and that's a shame. It's a term mostly for businesses or individuals looking to profit from it.

@tagomago I thought about that too, but I didn't think i'd get enough responses ;)

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@imgn days ago I was listening some beautiful songs with my partner and I was thinking that maybe It would like to you

@alvarmaciel Oh wow, this is really interesting. I do like it. Thank you.

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