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I am not a big fan of programming, but I use it when I need to. I prefer for data science and am getting excited about the language for machine learning.

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Native women in traditional jingle dresses standing at the former site of Detroit's Christopher Columbus statue

I keep wondering which Elon Musk endeavor is the worst: brain implants from , spy satellites from or weapons cargo from

Whenever Trump tells another dangerous lie, I think of PJ Harvey's song "The Words That Maketh Murder."

Here is his latest tweet that is sure to kill:

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We lost another great talent in yesterday. RIP Johnny Nash. His song "I Can See Clearly Now" is as important today as it was then.

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Another unexpected socialist: Lizzie Magie, who invented the board game Monopoly.

Magie was more accurately called a Georgist, which is kind of a proto-socialist movement in the US that advocated for working people to own the full value of what they produce and hold land in common, rather than have private property.

She called Monopoly "the Landlord's Game," and it demonstrated how private property robs from the poor and enriches owners.

The Parker Brothers (like the actual brothers) screwed her out of a patent by buying it from her for $500 and printing a small run of the Landlord's Game to secure the patent. Meanwhile Charles Darrow was falsely credited as the game's creator and he became a millionaire.

The anti-monopolist messages within the game were stripped out. A round of play that showed how all players could prosper if resources were shared was eliminated, and the game became winner take all.

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Musings on the Internet 

The online world (much like the real one) is filled with so many toxic people. I gave up on reading comments and participating in forums long ago for this reason. Now that I am starting to reengage, I find that it is only a matter of time before someone is randomly targeted and ganged up on. My response is usually to defend, diffuse or disappear. What happens when all the healthy communicators leave and let the bullies dominate the conversation?

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