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History of : Joni Mitchell and the Melancholy of

"Oh I wish I had a river I could skate away on..."

Camina Drummer (Bosmang) is still probably my favorite character on The

Some of the biggest killers begin with the letter "C" and they all seem to be related:

- Cancer
- Capitalism
- Climate change
- C02
- Colonialism
- COVID-19

(I could also add Christian Conservatives, but that might get me in trouble.)

I stumbled upon the new series "The Wilds" by accident and am glad I did. It's like "Lost" meets "Lord of the Flies" with teenage girls. What's remarkable about it is the diverse cast. There are TWO Native American characters and their inclusion doesn't seem forced. With such little representation on screen, it's exciting to see rez kids integrated so naturally into a story with other youth (, , , ).

You can watch the first episode for free here:

I deleted my website on for now ( is really irritating). I'm going to try to use @write_as for blogging. I like it so far.

Only the people that love may dream
In the world of the silent scream
Only the people that love
Mean gotta love mean
Cause love means
Go on and do it
Love mean go ahead and do it
Love means go on and say it
Love means go ahead and say it

More Christmas that doesn't suck...

Chilly Gonzales - The Banister Bough (featuring Feist)

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Some good advice on how to come out (about anything) at work and how colleagues can be supportive.

For the 10th anniversary edition of "A Christmas Cornucopia," Annie Lennox includes her recording of Henry Purcell's aria "Dido’s Lament" as an ode to our dying planet.

Wow, I have been on Mastodon a year now. During the weirdest year. I was not new to the Fediverse, but decided to finally commit and am glad I did. The people and conversations are great here. Below are some fun-facts. Feel free to respond with your own :)

- Who first introduced you to Mastodon? @lohang
- Who was your first mutual follow? @Some_Emo_Chick
- Who is your most recent follower? @chriswere
- What is your favorite instance so far?

I just realized that I am a JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Scientist.

And how did I miss this cover of Leonard Cohen's song "Avalanche" by Aimee Mann? These lyrics always catch in my throat:

"You who wish to conquer pain, you must learn what makes me kind; the crumbs of love that you offer me, they're the crumbs I've left behind. Your pain is no credential here, it's just the shadow, shadow of my wound."

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Beautiful piece for this Cohen-esque time. "Cruelty and chaos were the default settings against which moments of fleeting grace stood as contrast." A tragicomedy.

I thought it was a cute movie. As long as you lower your expectations to the Christmas rom-com genre, you will enjoy it ( or not).

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