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The toughest part of having a brain injury is not knowing what you should know.

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As I hop from Linux distro to distro I hate setting up my desktop again. How do hardened admins deal with this?

I just learned that all builds are down due to a Takedown. After this is the second time I'm affected as a user. This is ridiculous

He who has a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Funniest 6 seconds I’ve seen all day
Darwin Award applicant! Karma is a fridge! 😁😂😂

Why on earth are anarchist/progessive/leftist [insert whatever] websites using mailchimp/optinmonster/google analytics, fonts, apis [insert relevant evilness]? Even worse; Using Facebook, with a nice "like/follow us on facebook"?

Happy coffee day please don't berate any baristas and tip nicely if you have the means to

Hi everyone! I'm a #linguistics grad student at Northwestern University, currently using #deeplearning to figure out how we learn sound patterns (#phonotactics) of new languages #phonology #phonetics #introductions

My new karate romance novel, Mixed Martial Hearts, is coming to stores this week

Unpaywall is a handy little open source project, available to use as a browser extension, which makes it easier to find open access copies of journal papers.

I just thought I'd share this here for those who may need it. I find it very useful!

petition to start using the word "meatspace" instead of irl, in both online and meatspace contexts

TIL In 1975, the women of Iceland went on strike

Like completely

As in not paid work, house work, child-rearing, or anything else expected of women at the time. Most schools closed. Bank execs ended up working teller positions. Flights got cancelled because flight attendants didn't show up

The country basically shut down for a day

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