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I got a brain injury, now I'm disabled and learning how to UNIX.

I enjoy Robin Wong's photography blog a lot. Here he talks about shooting macro on a budget. He uses #Olympus gear but the adapter and LED light is not dependent on the gear (just need to be mindful of the filter thread size).

@TonyStark I sure don’t want future generations to live in a Mad Max world, no matter how badass Imperator Furiosa is. We have to choose leaders who will protect our environment and try to reverse the damage we’ve already caused. Leaders who choose science are the only way to go. #BidenHarris2020

“Kinder, gentler politics” was about not letting people starve to death so of course politicians assumed it was about everyone being nice to them and got upset when it wasn’t.

if you have an addiction to benzodiazepines and want to talk: I am here for you


I think our Vulcan friends would agree, it's only logical for scientific journals to endorse the candidate that endorses science.
#VoteBiden #VoteScience

Watch "Fun To Watch 1960s Teenage Baby Boomers Who DIDN'T Rebel" on YouTube

The Confederacy must be relegated to history, not forgotten but never honored. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools voted 8-0 to change the name of Zebulon B. Vance High School to Julius L. Chambers, and it's about time. No Confederate is worthy of having a school or even a park bench named after them. Chambers, on the other hand, laid the groundwork for the desegregation of CMS in the '70s (before my time, but my brothers were there).

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