Whatever you do, don't close one eye and look directly at your own nose.

Won't be able to unsee it on top of your normal vision for an hour.

It's kind of jarring to be on a social network in 2018 that values P2P interaction rather than being an 'adoration collection engine'.

Jarring in a good way.

Holy hell. I just found out they're rebooting Animaniacs.

is a cool little game I've been playing on .

It's a puzzle platformer but instead of jumping, you lay bombs in a column to elevate yourself.

The level design is good and the sprites are large and well animated. It's a little on the short side, but perfect if you want something fun for a weekend.

To help some of the newcomers make connections: name subjects & topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.

If you've never watched it, this is a fantastic documentary about the history of Tetris:


Such quality, compared to half the other 'documentaries' on YT.

Windows 10 is such an asshole. I already rolled back once previously because I had device compatibility issues with a recent update. Lo and behold, I get to my laptop (which had things open when I left it) and it's in the middle of another update. The same device driver issues were evident, so I just had to roll right back again.

Yes, I'm a schmuck for using Windows in the first place, but some hardware just won't work on Linux currently.

When I was a small child, I asked my father if he believed in God.

He said: "I believe in him, I just don't approve of him."

It seems so apparent, lately, that a divide far more important than 'left versus right' (or any other contentious ideological topic) is 'willingness to engage in challenging, sometimes uncomfortable discussion' versus 'fear of opposing ideas'.

For anyone else interested, the issue tracker for Mastodon project is at:


(Thanks @jond )

@Gargron Is there anywhere I can read more details about the general design philosophy of Mastodon?

For example, I'd be interested in a 'trending hashtags' feed, but am not aware if that has already been discounted for a good reason.

Also, is there a feature suggestions tracker or anything (I don't want to bug people or make them answer similar questions a million times)?

I love my and a lot of its games but it's interesting to see that I've played about 300 hours of Pinball and Picross games.

I still haven't decided between Mastalab and Tusky for Android. Can anyone help tip the balance? I'm getting tired of dual notifications.

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One misconception of is that when you arrive here you expect to see all your friends or at least someone to follow. It's like walking into a library and expecting your favorite book to be lying on the table in the lobby waiting for you. The community you seek is here, you just have to do a bit more work to find them.

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